The Nauyaca Falls are an incredible sight.
A jungle river falls hundreds of feet in a
two-tiered cascade into a blue
lagoon. Swimming in the cool, clean
pool of water is like taking a dip in
Paradise. The Falls can be reached
by horseback or jungle hike. Don
Lulu offers a full-day guided
horseback adventure out to the falls
Breakfast and lunch are included in
the package.  Guests should
provide their own transportation to and
from Don Lulu's. Alternately, from the
town of San Salvador, a few miles
away from the resort, there is a
self-guided, well- marked hiking trail
through farmland and forest out to
the Falls. The hike takes about 3
hours round trip and is moderately
difficult on the ascending return. The
local "soda" sells the guide map for $2.  
The Diamante Falls are among the tallest
in Costa Rica and can be reached by  
guided hikes to their base in the valley
near San Cristobal. The
cliffside can be climbed and repelled
by a series of ropes in a guided
adventure sponsored by the owners
of the property near the base of the
falls.  They even offer lunch inside a cave
behind the falls!
Waterfall Repelling at Agro San Miguel